Psycho Merchants at Ridgefield playhouse, 2015

Psycho Merchants at Ridgefield playhouse, 2015

Power trio Derringer style !

Reconnecting with Rick in 2011

Just arriving in Tokyo with Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer

A toast to the crowd !

Revco recording at the groove room ! 2/10/13

The fun of editing !

Julio Fernandez killing it at the groove room !

With Michael Bolton and Mike Pizzuto on guitar

Playing with Tommy Shaw from Styx

The Rufus Wainwright band

The Pearl Drums endorser shot from NAMM, me, Chad Wackerman, Eric Singer, Marvin Smitty Smth, JR Robinson and the pearl crew

Rocking with Carrie Ashton

Me with Eddie Van Halen at 5150 studios, back in the day !

Another great guitarist, Jeff Norberg, at the groove room

Playing with Danny Kortchmar and his band Slo Leak at the Fox Theatre

Playing in NYC with the wonderful Tony Garnier from Bob Dylan”s band

Backstage with Iggy after playing in Paris

Playing with an incredible line up, Vernon Reid, Carmine Rojas, Gerardo Velez, Bernard Fowler and special guests !

My good friend and one of the baddest bass players on this planet, Frank Gagliardi, working hard at the Groove Room !

Keeping the sticks flying !

The Highline Allstars shooting video in NYC

Taking a break

Benny Harrison and Charlie Torres at the Groove Room (and my boy Master D)

My Beautiful wife as “Trisha Blue” her alter ego !

On tour with Freedy Johnston, mid 90’s with Andy Hess on bass and Cameron Grieder on guitar

My 61 Harley, what a great bike !

Playing with the incredible Julio Fernandez ( from Spyro Gyra) and Benny Harrison

My “84 scrambler, the coolest vehicle ever !!

Playing with Ritchie Canatta from Billy Joel’s band in Miami

She says it all !!!

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