Simple Cavemen return !

IMG_1297So in 1992 I had a production deal and went into the studio to record some tracks for my instrumental band “The Simple Cavemen”. A couple of tracks were halfheartedly “shopped” around to no avail. In the meantime the band was performing live around NYC. The live band was Julio Fernandez (Spyra Gyro) on guitar, Chris Clark ( Brand X ) on keyboards, Bill Harris on sax ( Everyone! no really, he’s performed with a who’s who of the best ), Ken Fradley on trumpet ( Kid Creole ), Gerardo Velez on percussion ( Spyra Gyro, Hendrix ) Hugh mason on bass, and myself.

It was a time in my music career when I was extremely busy in NYC and touring the world. At some point the band just dissolved and everyone went on to do other things. I moved on, and low and behold, 25 years later, I reconnect with the bassist and he says, “I”ve got this live tape of the Cavemen and it’s of the hook!” Well we got together and listened and I was completely blown away! The performances were insane, the songs were great and the mix was real good for live. This is the only live recording of the band that I know about !

So needles to say, I am excited to put this music out there for all to enjoy, stay tuned !!